10 Best Practices To Create Effective Email Designs


Email marketing has always been the focus of experienced marketers who understand that email campaigns can significantly enhance the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategies. Through emails, you can directly land in your target audience’s inbox and deliver your message the way you want. They also have one of the highest conversion rates of 18% and a click-through rate of 2.6%.

There is no denying that sophisticated email designs and strategies result in effective email marketing. You can increase your sales and brand awareness with efficient designs or seamlessly convey your message to a large audience. Studies show that well-designed emails have an incredible return on investment which is a $36 return on every $1 spent. 

Tips For Effective Email Designs

You can use specific tips and strategies to create a flawless email design that will ensure the viewer’s attention and convey your message. Following are the proven tips and tactics:

Use Visuals And Images In Your Emails

Studies show that the human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text. Adding visuals and text effectively increases your engagement with your audience and delivers your brand’s message. Moreover, adding images breaks big chunks of texts that usually are unpleasant for the reader. You can add stock photos to the email, or a better option is to use original images, photos, and visuals representing your brand message. Any images that have social proof or testimonials in it is a bonus. While adding images, make sure to add alt text so that viewers can still read the objective of the image. 

Do Colorful Branding 

As we said above, the human eye processes images way faster than any text, mainly because of the color choice we use in the images. Similarly, colors are crucial in attracting the audience’s attention in emails. Incorporate the colors that represent your brand well. For example, if your brand’s primary color is green and black, create email designs based on these colors; they look more relevant to your business’s vision. You can also design emails that attract your audience. Try different colors for different audiences because the selection of colors can trigger emotions and feelings. Use this as an advantage for a deeper engagement with the audience. Tools like PosterMyWall allow you to use free customizable email templates to create stunning, on-brand emails that define your brand, in minutes. You can also use their templates to design flyers, banners, and other branding visuals in no time. 

Select The Right Fonts 

Use suitable types of fonts in your emails; professionalism and your email structure depend on it. The standard fonts rule uses a maximum of two fonts, one for the headings and the other for body text and paragraphs. By sticking to minimum fonts, your email will have an appealing structure and better readability. Font type and size are crucial; otherwise, readers will leave your email without going through it all. Fonts like Times New Roman, Calibri, and Arial work great for nearly all types of emails. You can keep trying new fonts for different marketing and promotion occasions, but remember that not all fonts work on all devices.

Use Videos To Enhance Your Emails 

86% of marketers use videos in their marketing strategy to increase conversion and click-through rates. Studies show that adding videos can increase your click-through rates by 65%. However, Gmail and Outlook do not have the feature to play the videos within the email. But you can add GIFs and thumbnails in the email newsletters. By adding a creative and compelling title, you can direct the viewer to the video or add a static play button and links that lead to the actual video content.  Adding videos to your emails can give you an advantage over your competitors and provide your viewers with valuable content which will increase your conversion rates. 

Keep Your Emails Precise 

We do not want to overwhelm viewers with too many visuals. Sometimes marketers overload their emails with too many images and content, which will leave a bad impression on your businesses or brand and increase your email bounce rate. Simple and short emails are easier to read and understand. Create a visually attractive text structure with equal spacing and concise text but should deliver the message clearly and include relevant images and visuals. A simple yet information-packed email has higher chances of getting good conversions and click-through rates. 

Add Appropriate CTAs

A call to action or CTA is a mandatory step in marketing campaigns. Suppose your emails were perfectly designed and could get the viewer’s attention, but they do not know what to do next. Your message or email purpose is incomplete if there is no CTA. Adding CTA improves your conversion rates and increases your ROI. Moreover, CTA’s font, design, and color are equally important. It would be best if you placed the CTA button in such a position that it should be visible but does not cover any other content. The color selection of CTA is also a part of branding. Whatever color is part of your brand, you must use the same color grades in your CTA.

Make Your Design Emails Mobile Friendly 

You want to make sure that your emails look good and are legible on all devices. It’d be best to run a test on both desktops and mobile. This matters because more than 70% of people read emails on their mobile phones. If your emails are not mobile optimized, you might miss a big chunk of your audience. Make your emails mobile-friendly without compromising the quality and quantity. This way, your audience will open your email wherever they want, and you will have reasonable conversion rates. 


Email designs are an integral part of any marketing campaign. You cannot ignore the importance of good email designs that get high conversion and click-through rates. The above tips will help create compelling emails that bring more traffic or sales to your brand. 

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