Cisco CCNA: Everything You Need To Know About


Cisco is one of the premier multinational technology companies, based out of the USA, that develops, manufactures, and markets networking hardware and software products. It has a significant market share in the global IT networking industry. Given its leadership position as a pioneer, Cisco is interested in developing a skilled workforce for the IT networking industry. To that end, it conducts various examinations to test the knowledge and skills of professionals in this sector and awards them relevant certification. Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA is a CCNA certification that validates the skills to an associate’s level. The examination leading to this certificate is called 200-301 CCNA.


How does a CCNA certificate help?

CCNA certification can enhance an IT professional’s career prospects, and the person may get a senior-level job, promotion, or salary hike. For these reasons, a lot of IT professionals take the Cisco CCNA Certification exams. Besides CCNA, Cisco certifications are available for skill validations at different levels.

However, with a CCNA certification, an IT networking professional can aspire for the following jobs:

  • Network administrator
  • IT support specialist
  • Network specialist
  • Network engineer
  • Senior network engineer


Cisco CCNA: Everything You Need To Know About


Cisco CCNA certification examination: Key facts

Pearson VUE conducts the examination leading to awarding of CCNA certification on behalf of Cisco. Candidates seeking Cisco CCNA certification can register on the Pearson VUE site and apply for the test.

You can apply for the examination as early as 6 weeks in advance and as late as the same day. You can take the test at a physical Cisco examination center or online by choosing between the two options.

CCNA examination is proctored, meaning software monitors you and your computer, its webcam, and audio. 120 minutes is the total allotted time for the exam. The certification is valid for 3 years, before which the candidates should take the test once again to retain the CCNA certification.


Syllabus of the CCNA exam

The Cisco certification exam aims at testing the candidates’ proficiency in the following 3 functions of an IT networking infrastructure:

  • Installation
  • Operation
  • Trouble-shooting


To test these skills, CCNA certification covers a wide range of topics that can be categories under the following heads:

  • IP Services
  • IP Connectivity
  • Security fundamentals
  • Network fundamentals
  • Network access
  • Automation and programming


How to prepare for Cisco CCNA?

IT networking is a complex and vast field of knowledge that involves proprietary hardware and software. These products come from Cisco and a few other companies in this field. Functional areas that need to be mastered include IT connectivity, IP services, network access, and security fundamentals, among others.

To prepare for the examination covering such a vast and complicated area of IT networking, you need specialist CCNA training. If you have a knowledge gap and need to join a course, you can consider a CCNA course online. It is both popular and easily accessible.


CCNA Certification Fees

The CCNA certification cost can be divided into the examination fee and the other fees paid for tutorials. The examination fee for 200-301 CCNA, officially called the CCNA examination, is $300. It should be paid to Pearson VUE on its website through a debit or credit card.


Cost of a CCNA course

To prepare for the CCNA certificate examination on a confident note, you should attend tutorial classes that are available both at the Cisco certification platform and private training institutes. The CCNA course fees from Cisco are in the range of $800. However, some private training institutes may offer similar CCNA tutorials at rates.

Depending on your current skill level, your tuition fees may vary. Candidates who are keen on acquiring a CCNA certificate should have some knowledge and experience of IT networking systems. If you are starting out in this domain, then you will need some other courses to build the foundation for the CCNA certificate examination.


Summing up

Cisco enjoys a leadership position in IT networking with at least one-third of the industry using its hardware and software. The company, therefore, has an interest in developing suitably skilled manpower that can install, operate, and troubleshoot its products and systems. To ensure this, it offers certifications validating the skill levels of professionals in this space.

CCNA certification is one of them. To pass this examination, the candidates need to have a deep knowledge of IT networking fundamentals. Cisco provides the syllabus and other details on its site. Candidates who are looking to take this test should prepare well. It’s hard but not impossible to pass the CCNA examination.


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