How to use forums like Quora or Reddit for SEO?


This article brings to you a guide to take advantage of a couple of resources that are missed out on by almost two-third of marketers and experts in the field of SEO. We are talking about adding Quora and Reddit to your marketing strategy. Here we will talk about how these resources can add value to your business.

Working on increasing your brand awareness, building useful backlinks, and driving more traffic are all great ways to turn your SEO campaign into a success if done in the right way using an out of approach. Before we discuss how the two resources can help you with your SEO, let’s first talk about what makes these platforms great for SEO and marketing purposes.


What makes Quora and Reddit great for SEO and Marketing?

As per Alexa, Reddit stands at the seventh position in the list of most popular US websites, which even makes it better than Wikipedia itself. It is a platform with 130k+ niche-based subreddits with a huge number of active users on this incredible community-based platform.

Although Quora is quite different in terms of structure as compared to Reddit, it is worth your attention. It is a platform well-known for Q&A and has a DR of 91 which makes it trustworthy. Also, you must have seen many Quora results when making a search, which is yet another proof of its trustworthiness.

Both the platforms are very moderate and allow no self-promotion or spam and Google is known to appreciate resources that are unspammed. This is yet another reason why creating backlinks on either or both of these resources can prove to be profitable for your business.

Also, according to the EAT Google Algorithm, expanding the online presence of your brand is a must. This is done so that the users can be provided with relevant information that can prove to be useful for them. And this is the point where Reddit posts and comments and Quora answers come into play. By submitting informative answers that can prove to be helpful for the promotion of your business.


How to use Quora?

  1. Create a planned profile

A well-planned and thorough profile is a must for Quora. Your profile should look authentic so that your answers are considered to be valuable and get included in the feed. Here are some points you should consider:

  • Fill out the “About Me” section and don’t be shy to elaborate on it.
  • List the areas of your expertise
  • Make sure you link your social media profiles to your profile
  • Add your credentials
  • Upload a clear picture of yourself


  1. Find questions that are related to your niche

Once you are done creating your profile you can move to the business. You need to search for questions that are related to your niche. To search the questions, you can use relevant keywords or can use keyword-generating tools like SEMrush.

You can either choose questions that appear in the feed that are most viewed and get attention or can answer unanswered questions and increase the chance of you getting at the top.


  1. Write answers that are helpful and informative

The answers you provide on Quora should be useful and informative. Try to include graphics, references, stats, and other media to illustrate your points, make your answers more appealing, and provide a better insight.


  1. Don’t forget to mention the source when using someone else’s content

Plagiarism is a BIG NO on Quora. In case you are using someone’s content to clear your point in any way make sure you mention the source.


  1. Use quality sources to make your answer more authentic

Answers that contain only the link to your website look self-promotional. Try to use links to relevant sources from Wikipedia, YouTube, Reddit, or others.


  1. Use your website link smartly

Even though Quora doesn’t allow self-promotion, that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart about it. Try to insert your link organically in the text that should correspond to it.


How to use Reddit?

Before we go into how to use Reddit for marketing, you need to understand two important terms related to Reddit: Reddiquette and Karma. The term Reddiquette is simply the basic rule to start your marketing campaign on Reddit. Karma refers to the score of a Redditor which is determined based on upvotes and downvotes on the posts and the comments received.

Now, let’s have a look at the right way of marketing on Reddit.

  1. Grow your Karma through useful content

Try to learn all about the subreddit and create content that people of that subreddit will like to see. The more useful and engaging your content is, the more Karma you can get.

The subreddits that will most probably increase your Karma are-r/AskReddit-where you can ask about anything, r/aww- pics of really cute animals (you will never get a downvote for that), or r/explainlikeiamfive-it is a friendly community where you will rarely get a downvote even for the weirdest questions.


  1. Don’t use links like a lunatic

Not many people know this but only one in ten of your posts should have a link to make it look natural and be acceptable. The rest of the posts you make should have no links, not even in the posts or comments.

The ratio exists to make you give more than you take. If by any chance you exceed this limit, you will be suspected of promoting yourself and can get banned.


The Conclusion

Marketing on Quora or Reddit is time taking and exhausting, but the advantage it can provide for your SEO strategies, brand awareness, and finally in an increase in sales is just incredible.

Considering the amount of time, work, resources, and competence it takes to conduct a successful marketing campaign on Quora and Reddit, even the most experienced experts in the industry leave to professionals like Nico Digital, who are renowned for offering unmatched Quora and Reddit marketing services at an affordable price.

Hopefully, this post from Nico Digital has helped you get introduced to two unexplored platforms and now gave you some idea on how to use them for a successful SEO.


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