Is Using Facebook Too Much Can Be Problematic?


People Use Facebook for Different Reasons

Is Using Facebook Too Much Can Be Problematic? If we say that Facebook is the most popular social media app, there is a lot of truth in it. There are many social platforms but most of them cater to a niche group. Facebook is the only channel that finds acceptance among all kinds of people. It does not matter whether you are a teenager, a young man in your twenties, a middle aged professional, a housewife, or even retired people in their seventies. They are all on Facebook for different reasons.

A teenager is there on this platform because most of his friends are there, and he does not want to be an odd man out. A young man uses this platform because he thinks it is an ideal medium for making connections. A middle-aged professional uses Facebook because he wants to be in touch with his relatives, friends, and colleagues.

The housewife uses it because after a hard day at work, she wants to entertain herself by seeing the latest photographs of her friends, and also see comments of others on photographs she uploaded last night. The retired people use this versatile platform to be in touch with their children who are either settled overseas or stay at faraway places. Facebook keeps them in touch with their loved ones.

However, if you happen to be an avid user of Facebook and spend a lot of time on this social networking site, you have to be careful. Day by day, this platform is becoming more dangerous.  And the danger is not related to your social or personal life, it can also harm your life.

You Become a Pawn in the Hands of Advertisers

There was a time when users joined Facebook for fun and enjoyment. There were others who had a lot of free time, and they needed to spend time. However, the concept of Facebook has changed a lot. Nowadays, a lot of people use it for business purposes, and an average Facebook user is surrounded by innumerable ads.  Today you come across many such ads on Facebook that appear on your profile even without your knowledge.

There is no doubt these companies are earning a lot of money through Facebook. At the same time, Facebook also earns many times more. Therefore, you are exploited indirectly by Facebook and all these companies for their own growth. They are keeping track of your every activity on Facebook, and keep sending your targeted ads.

And you thought your privacy on this platform is intact and no one can ever know what you are posting, with whom you are interacting, what you are liking, and what you are sharing with other users. Once these companies collect every information about you, they use you like a commodity.

Are You Wasting a Lot of Your Time?

Time is a precious resource, and you have to use it wisely. You can make it work in your favour if you do it the right way, and if you become careless then it will be wasted.  At present, Facebook has more than 750 million users, and almost one out of nine users spend their entire day on this social site and waste a lot of their time that can be better utilized in some constructive activities. This is a very important point we all are aware of.

We do not realize how much time is consumed by a channel like Facebook. Most social media platforms are addictive in nature, and Facebook is right at the top. Once you get a notification of a recent post and you decide to check it, minutes turn into hours, and before you realize half a day is lost. It is especially harmful for youngsters who need to focus more on their studies, and preparation of exams. The addiction to Facebook or any other Indian social media app takes a lot of their time which affects them adversely.

It is dangerous for Your Personal Life

You should know that it can get every information on your profile whenever it wants?  Whether you post any update, or upload a picture, a video or just any kind of personal information that you like to keep secret, it all reaches Facebook. Therefore, to maintain your privacy, you should keep as little information on Facebook as possible. And even for that, always select the option of keeping it private, so that chances of its misuse can be minimized.

Facebook is Making you sad and Lonely

One research done among Facebook users found that frequent users on this medium are prone to become unhappy than those who do not use it.  You are made to read, watch and listen to unwanted things throughout the day on Facebook. You become emotionally drained from inside but are still controlled by habit and keep on going through this drill every day. It was also discovered that those who use Facebook for longer durations usually feel bad about their lives. On the other hand, those who shun are very happy with their life.

With all those surveys carried out on the use of Facebook and together with the lack of privacy, it is obvious that now your content on Facebook is not safe.  You have no idea who can misuse in which manner. However, if you still trust, it is a calculated risk that can prove damaging. In the end, it is a public platform, and whatever you are posting means something different for others. You do not know how those people will react to your post or comment.

To make Facebook beneficial for us, we need to be careful how we use this medium for our growth and expanding our circle. It is a product of technology, and we should never forget that anything related to technology is like a double edged weapon. It depends on us, how we use it. Therefore, the key is to maintain restraint on this amazing platform to make it work wonders for us.


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