8 Essential Bicycle Tools to Keep in Your Garage


Cycling is an exciting sport, irrespective of age everybody loves to ride a bike. The recent pandemic has resulted in a surge in essential bicycle sales. And that’s because many have opted for cycling as their free-time physical activity.

An avid cyclist will face many challenges while riding a bike, such as damages and breakage. And to repair these damages, you need some bike tools. These tools need to be of good quality and easy to use by an amateur cyclist.

If you are looking for the proper repair/maintenance tools for your bicycle, here is a list of essential equipment/tools for the maintenance of the bike.


  1. Cleaning set

This set includes spray, brush, cleaning oil, cleaning cloth, rustproof paint, brush, chain scrubber, etc. The rusting of metal parts and wear and tear are the significant issues caused by neglecting the bicycle for too long. Proper and regular cleaning of each part will save the main body of the bicycle.

  1. Microfibre cloths

The microfibre cloth is not included in the cleaning set because it is made up of a special type of material. This material is specially made for cleaning bike parts and is a bit expensive too. It will not get dirty and damaged like regular pieces of cloth, and you can use it for months if not for years.

  1. Degreaser

Application of degreaser is the best way to get rid of those oils and muck. The oil used in bikes is water-resistant, and this quality of the oil makes it difficult to clean off the mechanical parts. Only the degreaser can help you clean the oil and muck off the cycle.

  1. Rubber hand gloves

Cleaning a bicycle is dirty work, and for hours of work dealing with oil, dirt, and grease, you need a nice pair of hand gloves.

  1. Spray lubricant

You might have lubricants in cans or bottles, but when it comes to application on hard-to-reach parts, a spray lubricant is necessary. It will be easy to target parts where even your fingers will not reach, and it will help the moving parts to keep clean and running smooth.

  1. Track pump

It is also known as a floor pump. One of the most vital tools you can buy for your bicycle. It is designed to get the tires up to high pressure quickly and precisely. Road bicycle tires usually need around a hundred PSI high tire pressure, and a track pump helps you attain that level. Track pump is one of the critical bike tools you cannot avoid.

  1. Hex keys

Well, no repair can be done without the hex keys. There are a lot of hex key sets, and as you progress to much more complex levels of maintenance/repair, you will need all those keys. A set of hex keys will always come in handy, whether you’re in the garage or on a trip.

  1. Screwdrivers

A good quality screwdriver set will let you do most of the maintenance work by yourself. Bike manufacturers use different screws for fitting various parts of the bicycle; hence, you need the whole set of screwdrivers for your repair work.

These are the essential bike tools you need to buy for the proper maintenance of your bicycle. A well-maintained bicycle will give your great rides and joy.

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