A quick way to find New SEO Keywords

SEO Keywords

Keywords are simply phrases that a person types in the search box of Google or any other true engine.  In SEO, we try to figure out which keywords to target for the website.

In this sense, if we mix some tools, and data, therefore, it is called keyword search.  Let us see how you can do the best keyword search for your website.  Mostly if you talk about free tools, then Google Keyword Planner is used the most.

This is a tool from Google and provides the most reliable data.  To use it, you need to log in to your Google Ads account, after that, you can visit the Keyword Planner by clicking on the “Go to the button”.

As soon as you enter the dashboard of Google Keyword Planner, you get an option of “Find New Keyword”.  Where you can analyze one or more keywords related to your industry at once, you can view data for up to 10 keywords at a time.  After that click on “Get Started”.  Before checking the search result, check your location, language, and search network.  If everything is correct, then all the data of the keywords of the data you have searched on your screen will be visible on your screen. Google Keyword Planner shows you monthly searches for specific keywords, competition, and low range bidding, high range bidding, etc.

Try to Find keywords with high searches volume and low competition

From the keyword data displayed on the screen, you have to select such keywords which have high search volume and low competition so that you can easily rank on them.

Google trends-

With the help of Google trends, you can compare any two or more keywords at once.  You can see which keywords are trending as well as check searches for keyword research that takes place in a particular month of the year.

For many local businesses, some months in a year are considered better while some months are bad.  With the help of Google Trends, you can easily know which of your products are going to be in high demand in which month.

So that you can run your ads on the same keyword, to open Google Trends, you have to simply visit trends.google.com, as soon as you visit, you will get a search box at the top of the tool, in which you have to type your keyword.  Keep in mind that after typing keywords, you have to set your location, category, and web search correctly.

After that, you get the option of a comparison, in which you can add your other keywords, and as soon as you start the comparison, the form of the graph will start showing you the trends and advantages of both websites.

Google Search-

Maybe many people do not know the trick to extract keywords from Google search, but it is a very useful aspect when you are typing something in google then google autocomplete will immediately give you its closer term below. These terms show at the bottom of SERPs and you can use them in your keyword research.

So these were some free tools from Google, apart from these you can manipulate some paid tools like ahrefs, semrush.  These SEO India tools provide you in-depth proficiency of keywords.  You do not have to subsidize much in that, simply select your location and keywords, it provides you all the rest of the data, furthermore according to your convenience, you determine the tools and accomplish keyword analysis.

Apart from direct keywords, you can use long-tail keywords, these keywords are natural and you can generate a lot of useful traffic from them.  It is easy to put them in the article or content.  To get good long-tail keywords, you have to check the search-related section at the bottom of Google’s search results page.

To get long-tail keywords, search for your main keywords then you can find long-tail keywords in the search-related section of the SERPs. While digging for keywords, keep in mind what your intention is.

If your purpose is branding, therefore you should target as many distinguished keywords as possible.  And if your purpose is to increase sales, then you should target such keywords, which can bring sales, no matter how low their search volume.  Use the creative method in your keyword research.

Sales-related keywords will have more competition but if you add intent, inquiry, and best keywords to your campaigns and ads, you will get grant results.

Using these few methods, you can search for the best keywords for your business and use them to promote the business.  By the way, another common problem related to keywords is that some people search the keyword only once and keep using it for years as a stone streak.

Whereas your keywords keep transforming from time to time.  As the content of your website thrives, your target audience also changes, their range boosts, and their keywords also shift.  Therefore, at least once in 3 months, do keyword research for your website and add new keywords to your search engine optimization strategy and your content.

Keyword research is like a boon for Search engine optimization campaigns.  There is no written rule to do keyword research, it depends on your skill and understanding of how you carry it out. Many tools in the market make your keyword research process very simple.  You can also use those tools by searching for the best keywords in less time.  Semrush and ahrefs are quite popular. I hope you have got an easy way to do keyword research from this article.

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