8 easy anti-mosquito tips. This is how you naturally chase those zz buzzers away

easy anti-mosquito tips

You can set the clock to it. When the mercury skyrockets in the thermometer, you see them frolicking: mosquitoes. Do you belong to the camp ‘they must always have me?’ Here you have another one. Blazingly irritating. Even though you know that you shouldn’t scratch, you still let go and the damage is done. You’d rather keep those buzzing bullies out and out of your yard. You only want to deal with them in such an (environmentally) friendly way if you are equally sustainable. With these 8 anti-mosquito tips you will master those finicky little buzzers. easy anti-mosquito tips


Mosquitoes, here they come

You probably recognize it. Just before you want to get that well-deserved night’s rest, you hear a buzzing rascal there. At first in the distance, but soon it approaches you and starts walking around your snout casually. Mosquito hunt is  on! Hey, if only you had turned off that light earlier when you opened the window. So we can immediately throw that fable in the trash, because those night owls are not at all a fan of light. Mosquito experts say mosquitoes are not attracted to light. They prefer to avoid it. What do they come up with? Our body odor and especially the carbon dioxide we exhale. Mosquitoes have a particularly good nose with hundreds of tiny hairs on their antennae, snout and jawline. Tools with which they capture carbon dioxide. When they have it in their sights, they go zigzagging to the place with the highest concentration. This is vital for them. By poking you, they ingest protein and other substances essential to the production and development of their mini-mes . easy anti-mosquito tips


Mosquitoes tips 

Back to that body odor. That explains why you are always stabbed and your partner is not. It is in the composition of the blood that partly determines your recognizable smell. First, the mosquitoes notice from a distance that they can collect CO2 nearby. Once closer it gets more personal. Then it’s all about your personal scent. The scientists at Wageningen University have not yet found the  holy grail  . So they don’t yet know which blend of scents will make you, but not your bed partner, get punctured. easy anti-mosquito tips


When are mosquitoes active?

You have probably noticed it during a BBQ, drink or other fun outdoor activity. Suddenly those buzzing blood seekers are there in the course of the evening. How come? At night the air is a lot more humid, something they do well on. They do not like dry air, because dehydration is lurking. But that certainly doesn’t mean you’re “safe” during the day. There is no sting-free guarantee, as there are thousands of species of mosquitoes buzzing around in the Netherlands, a large part of which are active during the day. easy anti-mosquito tips


Naturally fight mosquitoes at home 

The annoying buzzing is often labeled as one of the most annoying sounds of the summer. But luckily you don’t have to listen to that buzz all night long. There are plenty of natural means to repel mosquitoes or – even better – to keep mosquitoes away (from the bedroom). What do experts say you can do best to get rid of mosquitoes in a natural way? These anti-mosquito tips  come to the rescue:


1. Standing water, preferably not

What attracts many mosquitoes in standing water. The so-called house mosquito – it’s in the name – likes to lay its eggs in small puddles and flower pots in which you have just left a small layer of water. You understand that by leaving puddles of water nowhere in and around the house, you make yourself a lot nicer. We cannot guarantee no mosquitoes in the area, but at least a lot less. Something better safe than sorry!


2. Natural Mosquito Repellent: Mow the Grass

Mow the Grass? Of course! By mowing the grass and removing the weeds that are rampant in the garden, you prevent mosquitoes from having cozy places to nest. They suddenly get a lot less humid, warm, wet spots where they can settle, so they won’t have their pit stop in your garden.


3. Mosquitoes don’t like stench

You can smell it from your giggle and pores: garlic and onions. Mosquitoes have nothing to do with it. So if you plant some of these bulbs, you will not only have a nice harvest over time, but also less trouble from those night owls in and around your house.


  1. Urban jungle: plants against mosquitoes Talk

about natural ways to repel mosquitoes. These little swaggers don’t like basil, tomato plants, catnip (itself 10x more effective than the poisonous DEET), marigolds, mint and lemongrass. So put a basil or mint plant in the kitchen, for example, or put scented candles with a lemon (grass) scent on the table. 100% natural remedies against mosquitoes!


5. Fragrant lavender deters

Mosquitoes in and around the house with…lavender. Yes, that wonderful smell, those zz buzzers don’t like that. What you can do is smear your skin with lavender oil or drop some lavender oil here and there through the house with open doors and windows. This way you send the signal that mosquitoes should think twice before they enter your territory. Think twice about mosquitoes!


6. Rosemary keeps it nice

Not only is lavender a natural way to repel mosquitoes, rosemary also has nothing to do with them. When you have the BBQ on, throw some nice smelling and tasting sprigs on it. Not only does that give your food a delicious touch-up, it keeps the stinging mosquitoes away from your food feast. Then the only question is whether the mosquitoes still come  en masse  to your CO2-rich beer (breath). But the first precaution has been taken.


7. Sleeping under a starshe…uhh mosquito net

Has such an annoying rascal managed to work his way inside? Hey shit. But luckily you can arm yourself very easily with a mosquito net. Make sure you close it properly, otherwise mr or mrs mug will still know where to find you.


8. Watch out

Not everyone is equally charmed by sleeping under a mosquito net. Do we get it! What you can do then is to purchase a sustainable insect screen. You can place these in front of windows and doors throughout the house. That keeps them out!


Although the holy grail against mosquitoes has not yet been found, researchers at Wageningen University have already found a number of substances that make mosquitoes happy. Ultimately, these bright minds expect to come up with a blend of scents that is more appealing than our body odor. Never be bitten again, that’s what you sign for, right?


Little sidenote: Sometimes with all that maddening buzz you don’t know what to do or not to do in the fight against mosquitoes. Many apps and devices are responding to that battle against the mosquitos. And most of them aren’t going to help you beat the mosquito. Just a waste of your money. In terms of anti-mosquito tips, stick to (environmentally) friendly ways as a sustainable do-gooder, as you can read above.

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