Are You Planning To Conceive? Try Oziva Plant-Based Protein


For every woman’s life, the pregnancy period is very special and beautiful. But along with happiness, many responsibilities also come with this. We all know during pregnancy you should eat for two. At this time, protein plays a crucial role. We know that protein helps us to build muscle. But do you know protein has a vital role in the entire period of your pregnancy? Non Vegetarian people can get the natural source of protein very easily from their food like fish, eggs, meat, and all. But what about vegetarians? They have very limited protein sources. But they can try the Oziva protein powder, which will work great in your body. The main thing is how much protein you should take daily. You cannot take off on your own. Consult with your doctor, who knows your body well. During the pregnancy period, most women face a vomiting tendency; protein powder fulfills the nutrition gap.

Role Of Protein Powder During Pregnancy

In everybody’s cells, protein can be found. It can be found in muscles, skin, hair, fingernails, and in other tissues as well. Protein provides structure to the cells and helps them to function well; also, protein boosts up the cells to repair themselves. Pregnancy means you are carrying a baby inside you; help your baby to grow normally.

  • It helps to make the antibodies for the immunity system
  • Repair and growth of the new and also the damaged tissues as well
  • Help to make the enzymes and hormones
  • Help the muscle function properly
  • Transport the oxygen through the blood vessels

How Much Protein Would You Require During Pregnancy?

Though this totally depends on your body. Everybody has different requirements. But you can consider this as a general one. During pregnancy, you would require a slightly higher quantity of protein as this is not only for you, for your baby too. In the market, different types of protein powders are available; among all, oziva is the most trustworthy and popular one. Without any doubt, you can have this one. Have the protein powder to support the growth of your baby. As per the RNI or Reference, Nutrient Intake of protein says every adult needs .75g per kg of their body weight in a day. An additional 6 g more in a day is required for a pregnant lady. So, in short, if a woman is 60kg, then she will need to take 45g protein in general time, and during pregnancy, she should take 51g. Break the portion that you will take in 2-3 times.

Which Protein Powder Is Good For Pregnancy?

Once you are confirmed about pregnancy, go and check with your doctor. Most of the doctors recommend whey protein. Also, take a healthy diet as well. Multiple flavored protein powders are available. Choose your favorite one. Whey protein powder is a natural protein powder that is made of milk. During pregnancy, look for pure whey protein, make sure no extra ingredients are not added.

Many women are sensitive to dairy products; some are allergic. If you fall under these two categories, then make sure you avoid the milk-based dairy protein powder. At this time, you might feel bloating or gas or have an unnecessary allergic reaction. Check the ingredients of protein powder carefully. Is it lactose or casein?

Many women get confused about whether they should take the protein powder or not. It is absolutely safe to drink protein powder during your pregnancy. Some of the protein shakes will increase the calorie count as well. Try to get zero-calorie or low calories protein shakes.