Current trends and future prospects of Herbal Products

herbal products

Effective use of Organic Herbs in our daily life

Herbs that are in fresh form, not only provide taste to your food also have zero calories. Herbs also play a role as Food for Curing. For many years, herbs have been used as medicines and the human body is giving a good response to these herbal natural treatments. In our daily life, we can make effective use of organic herbs. An herbalist and physician of acupuncture from Florida said that:

“There is no substitute for competent medical care and routine checkup. However, to avoid disease and live strong a good diet and sensible eating is critical.

We should plan our eating patterns so sensibly so that we can use herbs and food products to maintain our health.

Deadly Disorders and effective use of organic herbs

One of the types of organic herbs is rosemary helps you to protect yourself from cardiovascular diseases, it helps to provide safety to your blood vessels, so the blood circulation should be properly done in the body. This kind of healing herb helps for the digestion of food and also well-maintained memory functions. Rosemary herb provides protection from deadly diseases like cancer. This herb gives you a strong taste in foods like meat products.

Parsley is an organic herb that we can use amazingly in our daily life. It contains Vitamin A and C and the most important aligning that’s a chemical produced by it. If you are suffering from hypertension you can use this herb in your food for garnishing. , it lowers your blood pressure to normal.

Stinging nettle also names simply as nettle, helps to reduce the pain of arthritis and inflammation caused by it. It is also used worldwide to make your hair shiny and control dandruff in the hair. Garlic is also being in use for ages, it helps to lower the blood pressure level in the body and use in making different foods especially quick soup recipe of Asian pork

One of the important natural herb medicine is ginger. If you are having a gastrointestinal disorder like nausea or diarrhea and some pregnant women suffers from morning sickness, also helps to cure joint disorders. All of us mostly using cinnamons in our kitchen food daily in our life. Cinnamons have two properties i.e. are antibiotics and against inflammation. It is best for patients with diabetes to control blood sugar levels in the body.

Coriander is used as an herb for cooking, may help in lowering bad cholesterol and also increase the level of good cholesterol. It also has a property against fungal infections. Bay leaves produce an oil, which contains active ingredients called cineole. To provide protection from heart diseases, joint diseases like arthritis.

Another herb is the Dandelion, we can use any part of the herb as a drug like its roots, stalks, and flowers. It can be used in making tea, it helps your body to perform gallbladder function properly. Chives have a good fragrance and green color, it does not give a good color to your food but also provide nutrition. You can use it as an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agent.

Medicinal plants used in Pakistan

  • Ephedra Procera is basically imported and synthesized from Baluchistan Pakistan, if you are suffering from asthma type bronchial you can use it. Hay fever is also a type of fever you can use this herb to reduce the temperature of your body.
  • Compounds against cancer contain by the herb that is called Withania coagulans. People using it as a drink from the extraction of its fruit for disease Hepatitis C
  • For the treatment of cough and against the ulcer infection, if suffering from the antibacterial disease a herb has been used called Aster thomsonii
  • Acer oblongifolium uses as an antifungal and antitumor agent
  • Local patients with diabetes drink a juice that is produced by the extraction of the leaves of This is the most useful herb in Pakistan.
  • For skin diseases treatment Euphorbia wallichii is useful, it is also being used in the treatment of edema.

In underdeveloped and rural areas like KPK, Baluchistan, FATA the production of herbs in Pakistan is less, so we need to involve the local government so they can play an important role to make development in this field. We can grow our herbal medicine industry in this way to train the local people for exchange some point of view on the medicinal plant, transportation, and production of medicinal plants.

How can you shop herbs online easily?

Nowadays, people are looking for alternative medicine and techniques, so they don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive treatments and also want to save their time and expense of traveling. But to buy the products online, you should at least have enough knowledge of the products that you are going to buy. The description of the product is always provided on the website and the list of ingredients also, so you have to look up both things carefully, it can also contain some ingredients that can cause allergy to you if your body is already allergic to them. Save your precious time and shop online but not without the consultation of your doctor if you are already on medication. Ajmal Dawakhana also has its own website you can go there and shop organic herbs easily according to your requirement.

All the products are organic and safe but always remember one thing the excess of anything can be harmful so if you are doing shopping online for herbal medicine, you should know how many doses of the medicine you are going to take. You can even buy herbs in bulk. You can also check the product you are trying to buy its halal or haram through the website it will be mention on it.

Future Prospects of Herbal Medicines

The number of Patients is increasing day by day that wants to use herbal therapy as compared to other medicine formulas. For primary health care in the developing world, the requirement for herbal medicine is getting high. These medicines are inexpensive, even people from the low status can buy them easily and through online herbs shopping, people can save their time.

To prove the effectiveness and safety of herbal products in the market, we have to provide accurate scientific and proper validation from the clinic, so the local people can easily sell their products in the market with the approval, in this way we can grow the herbal industry more efficiently.  The selection, preparation of material, and distribution should be according to the scale. The best part of these drugs is the minimum side effects.

Challenges to face
  • The challenge that is associates, the status of regulation of herbal products
  • We are still unable to access the security and value of efficacy of herbal medicines
  • Control of quality is still a major issue in this field
  • Monitoring should be secure


As we know that natural herbs are safe to use because their derivatives are organic sources, just need to better the policy of regulation, so that we can provide the strength on a worldwide scale to these herbal medicines. Regulatory bodies should be more focused on the success of this industry. Now it’s a fast-growing industry in the market of the whole world in both undervaluing and developing countries.