How To Make Your Hair Look More Beautiful And Attractive

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Bad hair days are really frustrating! No matter how beautifully we dressed up, a bad hair day can instantly ruin your efforts. But it is possible to avoid a bad hair day by following some tips. You can keep your look beautiful and healthy always. Let’s read the tips to know how we can make our hair beautiful and attractive with a mini claw clip and other accessories.

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 1. Purchase Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

By choosing the right hair care products, you can keep your locks attractive. The type of product you use can make a big difference in your hair quality. Before investing in any hair care product, you should prefer to read labels. You should check that shampoo is sulfate-free and good for your hair type.

  • Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are good for those who have curly and chemically treated hair.
  • People with textured hair should choose detangling and moisturizing shampoo plus conditioner.
  • People with straight hair should use daily clarifying shampoo and moisturizer.
  • The volumizing shampoo is good for people with flat and lifeless hair. 

2. Clean Your Hair

You should regularly shampoo your hair if you have straight hair. Usually, we do not recommend regularly wash your hair, but straight hair gets dirty faster. It is so because oil build-up in hair scalp can travel down faster. To properly get rid of oil, you should use a shampoo massage brush. Properly massage the scalp of your head to get rid of dirt and oil. People with curly and textured hair need to wash their hair three times a week. We recommend you condition your hair because shampoo can make your hair look dry. You should not wash your hair with excessively hot water because it can make your hair dry. If it is cold outside, then you can use lukewarm water for washing your hair.

3. Deep Conditioning Once A Week

It is recommended to use deep conditioning treatment once a week. It will help to keep your hair nourished and healthy. With the help of deep conditioning treatment, you can easily restore the moisture of your hair and make your hair look the best.

To do deep condition, you can either use commercial or homemade products. If you are looking for an easy option, then we recommend you use a deep conditioner once a week while taking shower. You should apply a deep conditioner to your hair for 10 minutes. If you have time for treatment, then you can choose longer treatments.  

4. Invest In Natural Bristle Brush

There are different types of brushes available online. The type of brush you choose will significantly affect the look of your hair. Only a few people are aware of this fact, but it is the truth. Therefore, we recommend you invest in a good quality bristle brush for your hair. When you invest in the natural bristle brush, then it helps in distributing the natural oil from your scalp thoroughly down your hair shaft. Also, it will help in smoothening tresses. We recommend you pick that brush that has a natural bristle. If you do not know how to choose the right brush for you, then we recommend you take the help of a hairstylist.

5. Use Moisturizing Cream On Textured Hair

If you have curly or textured hair, then you should apply moisturizing oil or cream for thick and curly textured hair. When you cover your curls with moisturizing oil or creams, then you will tresses will look a little bit wet and attractive. Otherwise, dry tresses can lead to unwanted frizz. Well, there is a simple solution to control unwanted frizz. We recommend you apply a drop of moisturizing oil on your palm and apply on the tips to the roots of your hair. You can use jojoba oil, coconut, or any other moisturizing cream which is specially designed for a wet look for curly hair.

6. Hair Style

According to your hair type, you should look out for different hairstyle that suits your personality. For casual days, you should know how to style your hair to look perfect. Similarly, you should know how to style your hair for the workplace to look formal and dazzling. We recommend you use the right hair accessories that do not harm your hair. It is a good idea to add a mini claw clip to your hair accessories box. You can use this hair accessory on a casual day and office day. 

7. Blow Dry Hair

You should blow dry your hair to easily do any kind of hairstyle quickly. While blow-drying your hair, you should move the drier upside down until you get 80% dry hair. But you should not use a blow drier regularly because it damages your hair.