The best washing machine for your living situation

The best washing machine

Your living situation is extremely important when you are going to buy a new washing machine. For example, do you have a large family? Or do you live alone? Then your needs can be quite different. For example, if you have limited space, top-loading may be a solution for you. These take up relatively little space. But with a large family, you might be looking for a front-loading washing with a large drum space.


A front loader is the most common washing machine in the Netherlands. The opening is located at the front of the washing machine. An advantage of the front-loading washing machine is that you can often place a dryer on it, which in turn saves space. In addition, a front-loading washing machine consumes less water than a top-loading machine. The drum size can range from 5 kilos to 12 kilos.

Top loaders

With a top loader, you load the laundry from above. These washing machines are ideal for small spaces because they are about 40 centimeters wide. Because the laundry can be loaded from above, you can perfectly place this washing machine in a corner with any items in front of or next to it. A top-loading washing machine can also offer a solution for people who have difficulty walking. You don’t have to bend down for this. The best washing machine

Filling capacity

As mentioned briefly, the filling capacity of your machine is an important point to take into account. This capacity indicates the maximum amount of laundry that can be washed in one wash. An average drum capacity is about 8 kilos. Nowadays, however, much larger washing machines are also being marketed with a capacity of 10 or 12 kilos. These washing machines are ideal for large families in which there are a lot of sports and games.

So adjust the drum contents to your own living situation. Bigger isn’t always better. You wash your laundry optimally when the drum is filled as well as possible. This way you not only save on the purchase price, but also on water and energy costs. You can use the following guidelines to determine the correct drum volume: 

1-2 persons: a washing machine with a capacity of 5-6 kilos

3-4 people or a family with children: a washing machine with a capacity of about 7 to 8 kilos.

5 people and more: for large families, a washing machine with a drum capacity of at least 8 kilos and more is recommended.

Speed ​​of your washing machine

The speed indicates the speed at which your clothes are spun. The higher the spins, the drier your laundry will eventually come out of the washing machine. This is especially useful when you dry your laundry in an energy-efficient and sustainable way by using a drying rack instead of a dryer. In practice, however, it turns out that 1400 rpm works just as well as 1600 rpm.

The energy label of your washing machine

The energy label indicates how energy-efficient your washing is. Although this energy label runs from class A to D, you will no longer come across a washing machine that receives a D label. Nowadays almost all washing machines have an A triple plus (A+++) label. Nowadays there are even washing machines that have the A+++- 10% label, which therefore consume another 10% less energy than the washing machines with an A+++ label. This can cause confusion when you are going to buy a new washing machine. A+++ does not always mean that you have found the most economical option for your situation.

That is why it is important to take a good look at the rest of the stickers. Compare washing machines with the same drum volume with each other and look at the energy consumption on an annual basis. You will find this information in the box containing XYZ. In addition, the energy label also indicates the water consumption per year. To compare the energy labels of the different washing machines that you have in mind. Read more buying guide 

The energy label also indicates the noise level of your washing machine. It goes without saying that the lower the number of decibels, the quieter your washing machine is. Two numbers are indicated on the energy label. A number has the number of decibels again during the wash itself. The other number refers to the noise level of your washing machine during the spin cycle. For example, do you have a baby? Or is your washing machine close to the living room or kitchen? Then the noise level is another part that you should pay attention to when purchasing your new washing machine.

What functions should your washing machine have?

Nowadays, more and more smart gadgets are added to washing machines. There are many smart washing machines available that you can link to an app. This allows you to control your washing machine remotely and easily determine when the wash is ready. On some washing machines, you can even download new wash programs for specific types of laundry via the app.

For example, special washing programs for sportswear, baby clothes, or delicate fabrics. Standard washing programs of a washing machine are cotton wash programs, synthetics, and delicates (wool) wash. So if you need more options, it pays to look at a smart washing  with extra functions. The best washing machines

Consider, for example, a steam function. With this, you can make clothes anti-allergenic, but also steam out unpleasant odors or remove clothes from the washing machine wrinkle-free.

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