What Are The Benefits Of Water Purifier Servicing?

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Woman Drinking Water

Have you wondered why purified water tastes better than normal tap water? Have your stomach problems almost disappeared after you started drinking purified water? All this is possible because your water purifier kills harmful bacteria and other germs present in the water and makes it pure and drinkable. RO/UV purifiers kill 99% of the bacterias, make them free of harmful microbes, bad odor, and taste good by eliminating excessive minerals.

Benefits Of Purification

Purification of water makes water fit for consumption. It clears the water of all the harmful chemical contaminants, dissolved and suspended impurities. This is what has made water purifiers an essential commodity. Here are a few advantages:

  • Reduced Chlorine Levels

Sometimes water distribution authorities use chlorine to kill harmful organisms in the water. But chlorine is very harmful to us. Water that has chlorine increases the risk of deadly diseases including cancer, or cardiovascular disease. It also causes skin infection and eye irritation. So you must use a water purifier to keep the water quality in your household intact and save yourself from severe illness.

  • Cost-Effective 

Buying a water purifier is an investment. It does not need repair very often and lasts for almost 5 to 7 years if you maintain it regularly. Every water purifier comes with one year warranty and also the first 2 free maintenance. If the purifier is kept in good shape and maintained well, it lasts a long time.

  • Improved Taste

Water that is purified has a better taste than tap water or regular water because the purifier cleans it off all dissolved salt and excessive minerals at the same time, it keeps all the essential minerals. Odor-free and clean water tastes better.

  • Convenient

Water purifiers are sophisticated advanced devices that take very little time to purify the water and make it suitable for drinking. Large quantities of water get purified in a very short time, so now you never miss carrying your water bottle even if you’re in a hurry!

  • Lower Bacteria Levels

The microorganism that is mostly found in water is bacteria. Some bacterias are life-threatening and can seriously make children and older adults very seriously ill. So by installing a water purifier, you make water free of harmful bacteria as well as other microorganisms.

  • For People With Chronic Illness

People who suffer from chronic illness are more prone to any new disease or infection. So they must take extra care about the type of water they drink. Purified water reduces the chances of any infection or water-borne diseases. Installing a purifier means you get germ-free clean water round the clock.

  • Skin Conditions

Impure water can cause skin infections and rashes that make your skin itchy. On the other hand, pure water improves the skin and makes it glowy as it is free of all harmful chemicals that cause trouble. That’s why you must only drink purified water.

  • Gives Energy

If you feel a little slowed down or restless after lunch and don’t feel energetic after office. We recommend you start drinking purified water. Purified water is rich in minerals and is free of impurities. It gives you that daily dose of energy that you need. Keeps you refreshed and healthy round the clock.

  • Solves Digestives Issues

If frequent congestion and digestive problems are spoiling your days, it is time that you change the water you drink. Regular water is hard as it contains excessive amounts of minerals and also bacteria that cause these digestive issues. On the other hand, purified water is fresh and safe for you. Make the switch now!

Steps Involved In Water Purifier Servicing

To enjoy uninterrupted services, you need to maintain the purifier when required. Companies like Kent RO Service Bhopal give the best service to their customers. It is suggested that you hire AMC companies that operate with professionals. The steps that are involved in purifier maintenance are:

  • Replace Filters

The RO/UV filters play a key role in purifying as they suck in all the impurities present in the water and cleanse it. Due to regular use, the filter loses its efficiency and needs replacement frequently. And if you should not ignore this or the water quality will depreciate. Filters need replacing every 6 months. They function daily without breaks, so you must take care of them.

  • RO/UV Membrane

Like the filter, the RO/UV membranes require changing when needed to achieve perfect purification standards as they can get choked because of the accumulation of grease and dirt inside. So to prevent them from stopping completely or getting choked, you need to service them using Kent RO service Bhopal.

  • Tank Clean-up

The water tank connected to the purifier must be cleaned every 3 to 6 months to ensure water quality. There might be impurities accumulated in the bottom of the tank, which will depreciate the water quality and generate a bad odor.

  • Pipes Cleaning

Experts also recommend cleaning the pipelines every 2 years because the pipeline might get rusty or start leaking after regular and repeated use. The continuous water supply corrodes and causes blockage inside the pipes. To prevent any such mishap, check the pipeline and make necessary repairs whenever needed.

  • Replacing Parts 

Water purifiers are used daily, so it’s quite natural that a faucet or filter might need cleaning or replacing in case of any damage. Needless to say that these demands must not be neglected, or the entire water supply system might get affected. So to improve the longevity of the purifier, you should keep replacing parts when needed to.


Water purifier servicing is necessary to maintain and improve the longevity of the purifier. And you must drink purified water if you want to keep your health safe and energetic.